Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Hello everyone! 


Welcome to TangledinMagic.com, I am SO excited to have you all here! ūüėÄ My plan for this space is simple, it is¬†meant to be an¬†extension of my Instagram feed. There are a MILLION sites out there that can keep you up to date on news and tips and more of the kind, and while I¬†willdo some of that here, I hope this space will be a little different and more personal.¬†I don't claim to know everything about Disneyland, and i'm not going to try to (that's exhausting, haha).¬†My posts will be from our¬†experiences,¬†our most current date nights and trips to DL--- about the things we¬†are loving¬†to eat, see,¬†do, and so on. And of course,¬†what¬†we learn¬†along the way! : )¬†

I will try to keep my posts mostly about the photos and content, and get straight to the point. I am naturally ADD, and have already done about 8 other things just trying to write this much, haha. So I hope you will find Tangledinmagic.com done a little different then most. It will be a mix of Disney, personal lifestyle and local colordone in a fun a quick to read way! 

I have about eight more posts in the works, so stay tuned!! 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!!



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