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I grew up in Newport Beach, CA and have an unbreakable love for the beach, sunsets, photography, animals, dresses, beauty products and most importantly, my family and friends. I have had an Annual Pass to Disneyland each year since I was very young. Luckily going to the parks has always been exciting and magical for me. Entering those gates feels like the first time, each and every time. 


It comes down to the love of atmosphere for me. Disney has always created a world of positivity, the determination to follow your dreams, family fun, and togetherness. All of these things are very important to me in my daily life. I could go to the parks, never go on one ride, and be as happy as can be. The environment recharges me in a way very few places can. 


I was lucky enough to have found my husband who sees the parks the same way I do. We both had passes when we met, and ended up at Disneyland on our very first date. And we have been "dating" there for 13 years now and counting. Together we are lucky enough to have dear friends who love the parks as we do----as a result, we all tend to find ourselves there almost weekly, and I couldn't feel more blessed for it all. 




 birthday: January 5th 

wedding anniversary: December 11th

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