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World of Color from Lamp Light bar

No one is more excited about the return of World of Color than I am (I imagine, haha). And with its return, comes the return of all the choices in how to view the show. While our favorite "dining package" is the Dessert Party (hands down!), our next favorite is just grabbing a table at the now Lamp Light Lounge outdoor bar (formerly Cove Bar). This option is first come first serve, there are many tables by the water and you can always request to sit at a water view table---sometimes with a bit of an extra wait, but worth it. Make sure to check the Disneyland app and arrive at least an hour before the show. Since the bar area does not take reservations, it is known to gain a line, and especially on weekends you want to make allowances for the wait.

We always communicate to our server that we plan on staying for the show, and they will let us know when last call is for food and drinks---we also like to leave a little extra in tip because you will be taking up a table in their section for pretty much the rest of the night. In our experience each server we've had is really good about us camping out for the show.  This is something we have been doing for many years!

These PB&J rolls are one of my favorite things on the menu (well, kids menu)! Yes, I'm basically a child, haha.

Potato Skins (crispy Yukon gold potatoes with brown butter-caper yogurt, smoked paprika aioli, and manchego cheese). We really love these--I think we've ordered them around 3 times now.

We will usually order hot chocolates last to have during the show.

The view from the bar is a little bit to the side, but you can still see the projections and you are (mostly) away from the crowds. Plus, you don't have all the overspray that comes from being close in the normal viewing area.

Love our date nights so much. These are the moments I hold very close to my heart.

How beautiful is this view?

After the show we wondered into DL and ended up closing out the night on the Main Street front porch. It's so hard to catch this bench empty, so when we do, it's so nice to relax, talk and people watch until closing. ; )

Thats a wrap on our WOC date night @ Lamp Light Lounge Bar! Hope you get to try it soon! And if you do, let me know how to liked it. : )


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