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Hello everyone!!

Thank you so much for all the love and interest in the presets. I have been working on them for a little over a year now. These are the presets I personally use everyday for my Instagram feed---you'll find the one I use the most for my account is the 'TM Everyday preset'. The others are helpful when the lighting and colors don't quite work with 'TM Everyday', but still helps keep my feed looking cohesive. I have been loving a light/bright and sort of pastle feel---but one that doesn't take too much away from how you would see it with the natural eye.

Please remember that all photos are different, and these presets will react differently to each photo because of lighting, colors, ect. They are however designed so that you should only have to do basic adjustments to the exposure, white balance and saturation (sometimes maybe the temputure as well). As you become more and more familer with the app you can have some fun making other more detailed adjustments as you find your style within these presets! : )

*You will need to first download and open the ZIP file on a desktop/laptop computer. Safely save the files to your computer and then Airdrop/transfer the DNG files to your phone.

This preset pack includes 4 ready to download presets for the FREE Lightroom moblie app (the app does not require a paid subscribtion or fee to install). These are adjusted to work well with both iPhone and other photos alike.

-TM Everyday: A soft/warm pastle
-TM Light & Bright: Light and crisp
-TM Airy: Light and a little muted
-TM Black & White: Light, white with a crisp contrast
- Plus instructions on how to set up your presets in Lightroom mobile (a free app). Don't worry, it's really easy an user friendly! 

(If you are running into an issue where the .zip file will not download after several attempts, try using a different internet browser (i.e. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).

***Due to the nature of digital products this preset pack can not be returned and there are no refunds. Any unauthorized sales, distribution or sharing of this pack is prohibited***

TM Everyday Preset Pack


    Edited with: TM Everyday

    Edited with: TM Light & Bright

    Edited with: TM Black & White

    Edited with: TM Airy

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