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Summer parks bucket list

I'm a big list maker. I make one every night in bed for the next day, I make them before Disneyland trips, going shopping and more. They are a MUST in keeping my very ADD brain organized everyday, haha. Since I already make these lists, I thought I would share our summer parks list with all of you. These are ideas for what we would personally love to experience before the summer is over (It always goes WAY too fast). The time to plan is now my friends. 

 While we love the bigger experiences at the parks, you'll see that I have also included some very simple things as well. Some of these experiences have made for the best memories looking back. Remember there is always extra magic in those small and simple moments, where you can slow down a little and soak it all in.

 I hope you find something you would love to do this summer at the parks. Or it inspires you to create your own personalized list of memories you would like to create this season.

I truly believe in my heart that collecting memories are our most precious and lasting souvenirs (and of course the photos that go with them). : )  

Summer parks list 2018 

~ Explore Pixar Pier:This is an obvious but necessary one to mention. We are most excited for the Incredicoaster, all the new foods and of course the cutest atmosphere inspired by all our Pixar favorites! I have a feeling we are going to be enjoying a lot of date nights on Pixar Pier! Yummy foods, rides and maybe the hubs will win me some cute prizes on the boardwalk! Summer is a dream. : ) 

~ Fireworks camp out in front of the castle with food:This is a personal favorite for me. I have so many fun memories of my husband and I picking our perfect spot in front of the castle and just hanging out, talking, taking turns grabbing our favorite park foods to bring back to our little "camp". And then getting to enjoy such a beautiful, close up view of the castle with those fireworks. We usually do this for any new firework show and Halloween Screams. We haven't been able to do this for the Pixar show yet, so it's on my list for a date night this summer. 

~ Fantasmic dining packages:We love experiencing the dining packages for a date night. You get a fantastic meal, and don't have to worry your pretty little head about getting a good spot for the show. Very little stress. Plus, at the end of a parks day (or any day for that matter) who would't want a little VIP treatment? ; ) 

~ Disney Staycation:A little higher concept, but one of my top favorite things. If the on property resort prices are a little high, we love the surrounding Marriott hotels. Specificity, the convention center Springhilland Residence Inn. We've stayed at these two hotels many times, and have LOVED them. One night the Springhill was playing the movie Tangled out on their roof top and we got to watch it from the hot tub! Such an amazing end to the day! 

~ Front of the monorail:This is a fun one, but a little tricky in the summertime. In the past, you've been able to ask to sit in ether the front or back of the monorail. But when it gets too hot they typically do not let you in one or both of them because of heat concerns. Its best to ask a CM right when you get there to see if ether end is open. It's such a fun way to see the parks! 

~Dance at the Royal Theater:I love this one!! But admittedly something we rarely ever do, which is why I made a point to add it to our list. On Saturday nights there is a live swing band at the Royal Theater in Princess Fantasy Fair. We don't really know what we're doing when it comes to dancing, but we would really love to (lessons are on another list of goals, haha). There are those who participate, those who try their best and those who just have fun watching it all. It is actually really fun to watch the people who really know what they are doing! Such a fun atmosphere. (Click here to check the entertainment schedule)

~World of Color dessert party:We LOVE the WOC Dessert party. We have done this many times over the years. It's under referb right now and not able to schedule a reservation at this time---but I will let you know when they come available. (Click here for more info)

~Cars Land Street lighting:Another favorite and such a charming thing to do is catch the Cars Land street lighting--its straight out of the movie!! Each night at sunset watch as cars land lights up in neon to the song 'Sha-boom' from the movie. It's so much fun! You really feel like you are in the movie. As sunset is a little different throughout the year, I just simply check my phone for when the sun sets and make sure we are on the street (In front of Flo's) a little before then. You can also ask a CM if you have any concerns. 

~Sunset and live music at Trader Sams:If you wish you could take a quick visit to Hawaii this summer, stop by Trader Sams at the Disneyland Hotel. It's an indoor/outdoor tiki bar with amazing food and drinks, island style. At night they have live Hawaiian music--its pretty much the most relaxing thing you can do on property. It's amazing! 

~Paint the Night:This parade is not to be missed. It is currently part of Pixar Fest, but was one of my very favorite things about the 60th anniversary. Normally we are not parade people, but this one is just way too much fun to pass up! We love finding a place on Hollywood Street, or if you want to try a dining package, the Sonoma Terrace Reception has been our favorite! The best (and most comfy) seating and we loved the food. (Click here for more info)

~Get soaked (grizzly and splash):Theres always that day or two thats SO hot, you just don't care and want to hit the water rides. Those are some days, with a lot of laughs! 

~Rope drop and breakfast:We rarely have ever made it early enough to catch rope drop--my husband is much more of a morning person than I am, haha. But I LOVE breakfast foods, so I figure if I make a breakfast reservation (probably at Carnation Cafe) that will help motivate me to get to the parks before opening, haha. : ) 

~Tiki room and dole whips:This is pretty simple but pretty amazing when its hot and crowded at the parks! That tiki room is heaven sent on those days, haha. 

~Parade from the Main Street porch:Watching a parade from the porch has always been a wish of mine--but it's such a hard task to ever find the bench free to sit. So we'll see about this one...but i'm going to try my best!

~Ice creams and fireworks:Another simple one, but so fun. Sometimes as a passholder it's so nice to go up just for fireworks and a treat. After the show there are SO many people who head home all tired from the day that we can usually do a few rides pretty easy before heading back home ourselves. These are really fun and easy nights (but late nights)! 

~A night were we only do things we haven't ever done or its been years:We love this one! Living so close we usually find ourselves in a "Disney rut" from time to time. Over the years we'll take a night to do (or eat) things ether we never have before or that it's been a very long time. Even if its something like kiddie rides it's always been so much fun! 

~Mark Twain Wheelhouse:This is a really fun one, and might get overlooked a lot. Before you board the Mark Twain, ask a CM if you can go up into the wheelhouse. It's the very top room of the boat where the captain is. You'll get to pretend to drive the boat (it's on tracks but you can still play with the big wheel) blow the whistle, ring the bell, sign the guest book...and sometimes they have certificates from the Mark Twain they can add your name to as an honorary captain. : ) 


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