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Pixar (link) Fest!

Pixar Fest is here! This magical celebration of friendship and all things Pixar will run from April 13th to September 3rd, 2018. With this new incredible (see what I did there?haha) celebration comes A LOT of new foods, entertainment, dining options and so much more. How do you keep track of it all?? Well, hopefully I'm here to help! Below I tried my best to compile all of the information, links, and more to help navigate what you need on your "Pixar Fest bucket list". : )

(Everything that is underlined is a link and or noted as one. Enjoy!)


NEW! Pixar Fest Candy guide:

Click the photo for details on which sweets are coming to Pixar Fest and when to get them. : )


Pixar fun at the Hotels:

Click the photo for all the details on how the hotels on property are getting into the Pixar spirit!! From movie nights to summer pool partys, hotel rates and more! Click to see how to get involved in all the fun. : )


Pixar Fest Foodie Guide:

There are SO many food options during this celebration, and they all look amazing. Click on the photo above to see the complete list, where to find them and lot's of yummy photos!


Specialty Reservations: for Pixar Play Parade (DL) & Paint the Night (DCA)

Paint the Night dining reservations: Choose from ether Carthay Circle or Wine Country Trattoria. Each dining package will include a 4-course dinner and a voucher for the reserved viewing area to see Paint the Night. (*WCT: Lunch: $38 adults, $21 Kids. Dinner: $49 Adult, $25 kids. *Carthay: Dinner: $99 adult, $45 kids)

Paint the Night reception at Sonoma Terrace: $79 a person for a charcuterie tray served with wine, beer, coca-cola or other non-alcoholic beverages - plus a box of truffles. From Sonoma Terrace where you will get a great view of the parade. (Click the link for more)

Tomorrowland Skyline lounge experience: At $45 a person, you could escape the crowds above Tomorrowland at the Skyline Lounge. This experience gives you access to the lounge from 8-10pm. It is located outside on the top level of the Star Wars Launch bay building, with a fantastic view of the parks and fireworks (weather permitting). This would be a great way to escape crowds in a nice lounge environment, with food, entertainment and unique view of the fireworks (but you will not be able to see the projections from here).


Hotel Stay additions:

If you are staying on property, consider adding a little something extra to make your stay more festive! Pixar themed packages are available during the celebration. Follow the link in the title to add one to your stay. We have done a birthday and halloween package over the years, and they are so much fun! They set it all up in your room for you before you arrive. : )


We love #7!

"7. Catch up on the classics at the Pixar Shorts film festival. Have you missed one of the amazing Pixar Shorts, or is there one you want to see again? Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land will feature rotating favorites such as 'For the Birds' and 'Lava' throughout most of Pixar Fest."

This is one thing that might get over looked and could be the best kept secret of the whole celebration! Do you love hiding away in the Animation Academy lobby, watching all your favorite movie clips and songs? Well this might be perfect for you! Escape the crowds, enjoy the AC and enjoy some of your favorite Pixar shorts at the Sunset Showcase in Hollywood Land. What could be better?! : )


The lounge has taken over the current spaces for Cove Bar and Ariels Grotto. The space that was Ariels will still have a reservation option, and the Cove Bar space is still be a walk up, first come first serve operation. Click (here) to make reservations and checkout the menu. We have been once and already love it! Such a fantastic atmosphere and great food and drink offerings! : )


Other fun Pixar links: (Each title below is a link to the related article on the Disney Parks Blog)

I hope you all get to enjoy Pixar Fest! I will be posting more soon about our experiances as we go. : )


*All photos but the top castle photo were lovingly borrowed from the Disney Parks Blog.


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